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Posted Monday, November 30th, 2009 at 6:49 pm


On December 4-5, I’ll be attending a two-day conference, part of Robert Mondavi’s “Giving Through Growing” program.  It promises to be a “leadership workshop on community building, leadership, and organizational development through community gardening.”

I’ll drink to that!

Here’s further description from the press release:

  • Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi is proud to announce Giving Through Growing – an innovative partnership with the American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) to support the development of community gardens across the country. The program will begin on the first day of summer, June 21, 2009, and continue through the end of the year. Giving Through Growing seeks to create awareness around the ever-growing community garden movement by donating funds to create educational sessions in four cities throughout the U.S.

I’m pretty sure there’s still space.  If you’re interested, contact:

  • Teague Weybright, Los Angeles Conservation Corps, 323-526-1460,

  • Blanca Fuentes, Los Angeles Conservation Corps, 323-526-1460,

This workshop is especially timely for me since I just watched The Garden, a gut-wrenching Academy-Award nominated documentary about the South Central Farmers’ struggle to save the largest community garden in the country from being destroyed by Ralph Horowitz, a real-estate developer and cold-hearted capitalist.

If you’re not familiar with the story, I’ll be writing a post on it in the next couple of days. In the meantime, watch the trailer here

The documentary made clear the absolute necessity of public green spaces for people to grow food or simply develop a closer connection to the land.  This is especially true in so called food deserts, inner-city urban areas that lack supermarkets or access to fresh produce.  Also, these gardens provide a powerful way to bring people together and get them involved in their community in a positive way.

Business owners like Mondavi, who so generously give back to the community, are an anecdote for amoral greed mongers like Ralph Horowitz, the guy who couldn’t wait to bulldoze over 13 acres of food.

To show my appreciation to Robert, I’ll be drinking as much of his wine as I can between now and December 5.  I’ll try and sober up for his workshop.



  1. Eleanor

    Wow. I just watched the trailer for ‘The Garden’. I had heard the story via FB. I really hope there will be a screening when I’m in L.A.!

  2. Anarchy in the Garden

    I saw a docu on South Central Farms and cried when I saw the corn being bulldozed. Just a warning!


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